Gain Driving Experience Lessons  - if you DO NOT have access to a car between your  EDT lessons

This is for those who do NOT have access to a car to practice between their 12 EDT  lessons.

For those learner drivers doing their 12 EDT lessons

I am offering on Road Driving Experience to a learner driver- where the learner will have the opportunity to drive with an experienced driving instructor, in a driving school car, which will have dual pedal controls. These lessons will NOT be logged as EDT lessons. These lessons are to help you, the learner, to gain road experience with traffic . I will become your Sponsor for the on Road Driving Experience lesson. A sponsor is an experienced driver who accompanies a learner driver in their practice between driving lessons.  The RSA’s Essential Driver Training (EDT) programme has identified the sponsor as playing a key role in safe driving education.

I will be offering support and encouragement and you will increase your enthusiasm for driving. I will:

  • Show interest in your progress
  • Encourage 
  • Assure you that you can rely on my experience in difficult road situations
  • Reinforce that safe driving takes lots of persistence, patience and practice


You MUST hold a current in date Irish Learner Permit for all lessons .